5 STEPS Photo Hack: How to take a minimalist shot

This week I went to this huge flower and pets store that I have in my town and I brought around 10 new cactus home. And what I love the most about them is that you feel like every single cactus belongs to the same family but keeping their uniqueness.

This one cactus just captured my eye and I felt like I wanted to capture its uniqueness. So I wanted to make it a simple, clean and minimalistic shot.

How to take a minimalist shot of your plants.



Find yourself a plant that you would love to shoot. I already have mine ✌



Grab a piece of paper and make 1 cut that goes until the middle like you can see in this photo.


Me, personally, I used a napkin. Reasons: 1. Easy to cut; 2. I can easily reuse it for something else; 3. and 4. and most important it softer around your plant and it adds some texture/pattern to the photo.


Wrap the paper around your plant’s stem creating a white background. Important! Be gentle with your plant. You don’t want to damage it with the process.



Find a good angle where you capture the beauty of your plant and the new white background you just added.



Do some editing!


  1. Make the paper cut disappear – pixlr,stamp tool;
  2. Whiten the background – Snapseed (android)Snapseed (iOS), Brush Tool;
  3. (optional) Cut it square;
  4. (optional) Add a museum-like frame – PickMonkey;
  5. And you are done!
Cactus Minimalist shot, Instagram photo


Let me know how did you like the final result, what would you do differently and please fell free to share your minimal shots down bellow in the comments if you like.

Have a great day!

— Soso


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