A walk on the snow. A Short Story.

She decided to put her big white faux fur coat on and take a walk on the snow. She sat down on a big rock that she cleaned the snow off of it. Little did she know that there was someone watching her. Admiring her short blondish hair flying in the wind. Wondering about who... Continue Reading →


The classroom. A Short Story.

As she entered the room she was asked to take a seat and close her eyes. She had missed the warm-upΒ but at least her hands were still warm from the tea she had a minute ago. A lot has been said that she has missed. She was focused on her warm hands touching her cold... Continue Reading →

Christmas lights. A Short Story.

For the first time since she lived abroad, she put up some Christmas Lights that she bought at a discount store. She didn't buy the cheapest ones since everything was so cheap in that store. She decided to go with her heart and pick the ones she thought her parents would like the most. It... Continue Reading →

What do you see? A Short Tale

Everyone always sees a butterfly. She wishes to see something different. She tries to clear her mind and bring brilliant ideas and feelings to her but when her eyes open and face the Rorschach's card she sees a butterfly. - You can flip and move the card as you like if it helps you to... Continue Reading →

Serenity. Looking into a cat’s eyes

There is something very serene and peaceful about a cat's eyes when they're right about to fall asleep. My neighbor's cat likes to sneakΒ in when I am not looking and laid down on my table facing the window and sleep. Today, I decided to capture the moment. What is he thinking of while he's letting... Continue Reading →

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